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Pre-lay mooring & Rig moves

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Expert in Delivering Safe, Innovative and Cost-Effective Mooring Solution

We understand that a rig’s mooring system - as a safety critical component - is an absolute key for the rig’s operational safety and efficiency. In fact, we have founded our entire business on delivering optimal results for our clients. Our competent personnel who are driven by challenges, focused on solutions and empowered by the highest quality equipment in the marketplace play a crucial part on ensuring such outcomes.

Deep Sea Mooring is a leader in mooring and rig move operations, with hundreds of projects delivered across the globe. A large number of our projects consist of complex mooring spreads driven by significant levels of surface and subsurface assets, extreme weather and challenging seabed conditions. Our skilled, professional and highly experienced project team supported by our subject matter experts offer a wide range of expertise for mooring installation and recovery, hookup, disconnection and rig move operations.

Supported by state of art asset management system, we assure integrity of mooring system in all sea, weather and soil conditions. We have the most stringent maintenance and inspection regime stricter than those imposed by class authorities or certification bodies, ensuring reliability, complete digital traceability and easy identification of all equipment.

Following on from detailed engineering design, Deep Sea Mooring makes use of an experienced in-house team to plan and execute marine operations; from simple conventional anchor deployments in open locations to complex prelay installations and hook-ups over live assets. This begins with the development of a high-level plan which forms the basis of a detailed procedure, covering all aspects of the operation. This iterative process ensures that all tasks will be carried out in line with regulatory, code and client requirements – as well as DSM’s own stringent internal requirements. All aspects of the project from personnel selection, equipment preparation at our shore bases, mobilisation of the equipment onto the Anchor Handling Vessel and final deployment in field will be thoroughly planned, executed and monitored throughout the project.

Given a rig’s day rate is one of the most significant costs accrued within most drilling campaigns, it is commonly desired to reduce any ‘non-productive time’; this includes the time required to deploy or retrieve the anchors.  Anchoring can be challenging and time consuming, especially deployment in the hard soils where anchor slippage is common or retrieval in soft soil. This leads to rig move operations taking longer than expected and delays to the rig commencing drilling. By pre-laying and pre-tensioning anchors ‘off-line’ prior to rig arrival, much of the uncertainty of anchors holding is eliminated which result in operational efficiency. Subsequently, the drilling operations can commence in a timely fashion – with ‘non-productive time’ being minimised. An additional benefit of prelay system would be a shorter weather window will be required compared to conventional anchor deployment; therefore, reducing the risk of ‘waiting on weather’ which may have a substantial cost impact on operations. Less rig move time translates into significant cost saving for our customers.

Pre-lay mooring & Rig moves?