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The future is in our capable hands. Vryhof looks towards the future with renewed hope and energy. We want to be a safe haven in a sea of sustainable alternatives. To give you what you need to help protect the planet. To listen to your needs. No more drifting thoughts and solutions, but a solid understanding and unrelenting dedication to keeping your floating business in place.


The energy landscape is definitely changing. New forms of power require new techniques and materials. Both the supply and the installations have to be secured. Even at high sea. Even when climate change brings on the fiercest of storms. Vryhof’s offshore anchoring technology won’t budge. Your investments in wind and water are safe with us.

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The food chain is definitely changing. Aquaculture is gaining ground when it comes to coping with the increasing demands for sea-grown foods. Vryhof’s anchoring and mooring solutions keep the perils of seas and oceans at bay. Our solid equipment and services will help your future grow, just like the products in your water-based farms. A cross-fertilization of benefits to produce the best of both worlds.

Securing the Future Food2


Infrastructure is definitely changing. Fragile marine ecosystems need to be protected. Operations at sea and in coastal areas are moving into new territories. The scale of activities is expanding, geographically and otherwise. However, we have to take great care not to disturb the creatures great and small living in our oceans. That is why we need more low-impact infrastructure, especially in vulnerable regions. Vryhof has the know-how and skill to deliver. You can rely on us.

Securing the Future Infrastructure2

Anchoring and mooring technologies have drastically changed in recent years. New materials and techniques have made weight less critical, while shape and installation techniques are now key. Because new energy forms are often generated offshore, the need to secure installations at sea is booming. Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing.

Market players are increasingly seeing the advantages of moving offshore. Obviously, we have to make sure that ecosystems are not disturbed by this increased activity. Vryhof is here to help. We will move into more open waters with you and keep your operations afloat using the newest eco-friendly anchoring and mooring solutions.

The industry can also rely on us to keep an eye on the latest developments. While working hard to serve our customers, from advice and design, to transport and repairs, we also check out the innovations in terms of engineering. Securing your future is securing our business.

Protecting your stakes, that’s what we do best.