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RAR Plus


Next Generation
Mooring Release Technology

The RAR Plus builds on a 35 years of proven acoustic release technology and represents the optimisation of rig move efficiency; achieved by using the new-generation of Rig Anchor Release (RAR) technologies. With 500+ installations, the technology is proven and reliable. Used repeatable by some of the worlds major operators, the RAR Plus has saved millions of dollars for our customers.

The RAR Plus advantage

  • Minimised rig move duration through quick disconnect times
  • Maximises weather window opportunities
  • Reduced number of AHV required – reduced cost and CO2 emissions
  • Allows rigs to quickly evade storms, ice floes, or well emergencies

The RAR Plus can be equipped with an acoustic telemetry system that uses integrated sensors so you can enjoy real-time continuous monitoring of local line inclination, depth, and strain. The user-friendly graphical interface displays valuable data for on board personnel to use during mooring activities and for the duration of the drilling campaign. The data stream can also be input into 3D catenary monitoring systems, providing ultimate risk mitigation for mooring in congested fields.

The mechanical backup release bypasses the acoustic, electronic, and hydraulic systems in the RAR Plus, and it can be actuated by either the rig itself or with a nearby support vessel providing 100% redundancy in the system.

The RAR Plus' minimum break load (MBL) has been increased to accommodate modern R5 high-strength mooring lines. The increased repeatable release load limit allows for disconnection at extreme line tensions.

  • DNV- and ABS-certified mooring component
  • Minimum Break Load (MBL) of 900 tonnes for greater robustness
  • Release load rating of 360+ tonnes allowing for disconnection of higher line tensions
  • Surface-controlled selective quick disconnect for drill ships and semis
  • Proven and reliable acoustic release design
  • Backup mechanical release for ultimate reliability
  • Trigger-sleeve nesting capability for faster rig disconnects not dependent on AHTS support vessels


The RAR Plus builds on a 35-plus year history of proven acoustic release technology and represents the latest and greatest development in next-generation Rig Anchor Release (RAR) technologies.

  • Ultimate Reliability
    • High release load rating for acoustically activated disconnection at extreme tensions
    • Redundancy in key acoustic and hydraulic functions
    • Mechanical backup release method can be actuated by either the rig or a nearby support vessel
  • Real-Time Monitoring
    • Continuous monitoring of directly measured and indirectly calculated line tensions
    • Independent of the rig’s existing load cell tension readings
    • Real-time and historical data easily viewable with userfriendly graphical user interface on board the rig
  • Quality Construction and Design
    • DNV and ABS certified
    • Internal components are double-sealed in independent pressure housings
    • Over 35 years of proven success
    • Long battery life (36 months)
    • MBL exceeds that of 84 mm R5 chain
    • Proprietary, durable locking system designed for repeated release


Discover how its unique features will uplift your next project; download the RAR Plus product brochure here.